The goal of the choir is to allow carers and carees to find their voices in both singing and decision making.   It's for carers and the ones they care for to enjoy together.

No prior  musical knowledge is required. We don't audition. The essence is to sing for enjoyment.

Rehearsals at Rosefield Uniting Church have recommenced.


Mike Lawson

02.06.2019 13:42

We do have a great time at the Caring Choir. May it long continue.

Mike Warrell-Davies

10.02.2019 07:54

Thanks Brian. I hope we see you on Wednesday.

Brian Kirke

10.02.2019 02:53

If Mike and Liz are typical, this must be a great group!

Deborah Olson

24.01.2019 03:54

So looking forward to singing with the choir this year. We have a great program chosen by our choir mistress Irene Newcombe. Lots of variety and some uplifting songs. It will be lots of fun!

Wayne Buckland

24.09.2018 00:53

Looking forward to this Wednesday.

Carolyn Lawson

16.09.2018 08:34

Great concert at Disability SA with an outstanding audience participation


22.09.2018 05:25

It certainly was, and it's beaut to see the choir numbers increasing. The influx of new talent is allowing us to widen our repertoire.

Mike Lawson

11.08.2018 09:59

Have missed choir for about six months due to circumstances beyond our control. We are now back and loving it!!

Margaret RainbowWeb

27.09.2017 22:07

I've always regretted not being able to join in the friendly gathering afterwards.
I've loved singing with you all, you're a wonderful bunch. So sorry I just can't manage the travelling any more.

Mike Lawson

17.08.2018 13:35

We are missing you a lot Margaret - wish you could be back with us!

Mike Warrell-Davies

03.10.2017 07:06

We will sure miss you and your remarkable voice Margaret. Thank you for what you have brought to the choir

Mike Lawson

08.02.2017 12:45

Love coming here - really good pianist/choir director and we have a lot of fun getting there.

Laura Smith

19.12.2016 13:29

I joined this lovely caring choir when my late husband was diagnosed with dementia and I used to take him along as he loved music but often didnt sing but it helped me a lot. He has since passed on

Irene Trinta-Pearce

12.12.2016 08:31

Our two lovely friends Liz and Mike. They are a perfect example of true love and devotion for each othet

Margaret RainbowWeb

16.11.2016 09:04

I thought I was too old to start singing again; then I joined this lovely group of people, and found my voice was still usable. I love the fact that our audiences are encouraged to sing along with us.

Dean Mann

10.11.2016 10:59

The encouragement and camaraderie of the choir since joining it in mid 2015 has improved my singing immensely. The pleasure derived by others when we sing is fantastic.

Laura Smith

25.10.2016 13:51

This choir helped me through my caring days with my late husband Ron who had dementia and every week we went there and he enjoyed the singing. After he died I stayed on because of the good felowship

Mike Lawson

22.10.2016 15:25

Great choir and great people there!!

Latest comments

22.08 | 03:38

So happy to be attending 9 performances this year at various aged care facilities. Looking forward to the Christmas concerts in November and December.

22.10 | 01:29

It's so good to be back at choir rehearsals in a bigger room and a more modern piano. We've all managed to sing with masks on as well. Looking forward to our first performance on 17th November 2021.

03.05 | 14:07

There have been 55,000 viewings of the caring choir website. It can't all be the singers. I do enjoy viewing some of our performances, and indeed our rehearsals too.

07.12 | 08:11

When is the choir going back raquel

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